Black Series Lightsaber Darth Vader Force FX (Star Wars Series)

Darth Vader Lightsaber black series FX

Star Wars without lightsaber – is that even possible?

Every little (and not only little) boy dreamed about black series lightsaber or any other model. Dream come true with our stuff. We found for you best quality saber, which is the perfect replica of the original one used in Star Wars. The feel of this as you swing it around is wonderful.

I’m sure you feel that drive to be the great Darth Vader. So we are to fulfill your desire.

Black Series Lightsaber from Star Wars


  • Q: Do the blades removable?
  • A: No, you cant remove the blades
  • Q: Could you duel with that saber?
  • A: My advice – NO because even if its good quality and the saber is heavy, it’s still destructible
  • Q: What batteries do I need?
  • A: 3 AA batteries, not included
  • Q: What is length?
  •  43″ long from end of pommel to the tip of a blade
Black Series Lightsaber
Closer look

Black Series Lightsaber features:

  • an exact replica of the original in looks and weight
  • awesome sound effects
  • very nice deep red color, the blade is bright
  • the handle is made of aluminum
  • improved design of that FX black series (in comparison to the previous version)
  • amazingly realistic
  • made by Hasbro


  • solid – made of metal so it feels way better than the cheap plastic toys
  • replica reality – pretty close to the original one
  • quality of sound effects


  • unremovable blade

Black series lightsaber


This saber is a great collectible or gift for true lover of Star Wars series and Lord Darth Vader. If you are looking for perfect replica and don’t wanna spent 500 $, then this Black Series Lightsaber is the best option. It will make you feel like true Vader. Ideal product for cosplay events or Halloween party.

The force will be with you. Always. – Obi-Wan Kenobi

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