TOP 10: Exciting Facts you didn’t know about Marvel Universe

exciting facts about marvel

Interesting facts about Marvel Cinematic Universe. You’ll be surprised


1. Michael Jackson – King of Pop Music as a Spider-man

Michael wanted to buy Marvel company, make a Spider-man movie and to play main role. Yes he had big dreams and sky wasn’t the limit for him. However $1 billion dollars was to much even for Michael Jackson. Marvel company wasn’t worth at that time.

exciting facts marvel universe


2. The richest superhero is… Not Tony Stark – it’s actually Black Panther

According to comic book, Tony Stark fortune is $100 billion, Black Panther has $500 billion dollars – it makes him 5x richer than Iron Man.

exciting facts marvel universe

3. All the Marvel movies made over $12 billion dollars total income!

Keeping in mind the fact that in the late 90’s when the company was really close to bankruptcy, this is something incredible. On the 2nd place we have Harry Potter series with $8 billion dollars – it shows the greatness of MCU succes.

exciting facts marvel universe

4. Spiderman wears a mask for two reasons: obfiously to protect his identity, but also to hide his fear for enemies

exciting facts marvel universe

5. Iron Man suit is made with magical Asgardian Metal (the same which was used to create Thor Hammer)

His armor is not only high-tech, but also magically-powerfull and was forged by Tony Stark and Eitri. It was designed to  batlle Loki and his army.

exciting facts marvel universe

6. Venom was created by fan of Marvel Universe.

Randy Schueller sold his “child” for only… 220$

exciting facts marvel universe


7. “Zombie” word was Marvel Trademark for over 20 years..

From 1973 to 1996 Marvel had rights to use word “zombie” exclusivly, but then they realised that it’s really hard to execute their rights, since “zombie industry” became so popular. Interesting fact is that Marvel still has a rights to word “superhero” and won few trials with companies using this trademark illegally.

exciting facts marvel universe

8. Marvel got around a law that increases taxes on toys that resemble humans by claiming that X-Men figures were mutants, not humans.

exciting facts marvel universe

9. In 1996 Marvel and DC comics created Amalgam Comics.

Collaboration between them connected two universe together resulting creation of new characters: Super Soldier (Captain America with Superman), Darkclaw (Wolverine with Batman) and Iron Lantern (Iron Man with Green Lantern)

exciting facts marvel universe

10. She-Hulk. Yes, in the Marvel universe there is green superhero beauty version of Hulk

Stan Lee called her Jennifer Walters. Following an injury, Walters received an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner and that’s how she became super-power-full.

exciting facts marvel universe

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