Wolverine Claws (The Wolverine 2013)

Wolverine Claws - deadly equipement

Be the true Wolverine!

Do you remember awesome Wolverine claws made with adamantium steel?
That badass Logan does everything what he want. His main weapon (ofc. except of tough as rock muscles) is these deadly blades.

Who wasn’t thinking about being Wolverine at some cosplay event or party?

Wolverine Claws
Click on the image to get your own brand new Wolverine Claws.

How cool Wolverine Claws looks?

They look like they are sharp but they’re not, however one can’t deny, they look extremaly real.  It also can be used as Khan blades from the all time classic Entry the Dragon (1973) starring Bruce Lee 😉 If your dream was to be the Wolverine, you can be a step closer with that X-weapon.

Wolverine Claws
Perfect fit as you see.

Some features:

  • they look awesome,
  • do not come with healing factor
  • great job for the quality
  • extremely authentic
  • made of stainless steel
  • not sharpened but certainly can do some damage,
  • the handles made of plastic
Wolverine Claws
Check how it works with your hands.

Tip for you:

  • Take a pair of fingerless gloves and make your hands much more comfortable with blades 

The price makes this offer an awsome deal, quality of the product is perfect and doesn’t look like cheap chinese fakes :). If you are planning to attend the Starcon (or any Con in general) the Claws are a great oportunity to complete your Wolverine outfit. It is also an awesome idea for a gift for a Marvel lover. They will totally exceed your expectations.

Wolverine Claws

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James Howlett – Wolverine:
He is mutant who possesses the ability to regenerate damaged, he has greater endurance than an ordinary human.
Hew was a member of: X-Men, Avengers, formerly Horsemen of Apocalypse, Fantastic Four, Secret Defenders, Clan Yashida, Department H, Alpha Flight, Department K, Team X, Team Weapon X, Devil’s Brigade, Canadian Army

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